Dr. Cherie was created in November 2014 by sisters Ana Cecilia Navarro and Ana Carolina Navarro. The first, graduated in Dentistry - her great passion, always liked fashion. As a child, she designed various models of clothes and took them to the dressmaker to make them a reality. When she graduated, Ana Cecília specialized in Pediatric Dentistry, and felt the need to wear more cheerful and fun clothes to work with children as well as more feminine models that could value their beauty and style. So, he decided to rescue an old talent: create her own models!

When her friends saw her models, they were delighted and wanted to buy. And so Dra. Cherie was found, in partnership with her sister, Ana Carolina, graduated in Public Relations, a key part of the company's marketing, which boosted the brand worldwide.

The lab coats are made with creativity, technology and high quality, always cherishing the perfect fit to further enhance the beauty of the body. Also featuring cheerful and colorful prints, the products strengthen the relationship in care, especially with children.

Welcome to the fashion world, health professionals!